The New Fuji X Pro2 And Why I Ended-Up Pulling The Trigger

I debated for months on whether or not I should go with the Sony a7ii or the Fuji X Pro2. I rented the a7ii + Zeiss 50mm f/1.8 for a few weeks and did various shoots with it; both commissioned and personal (print and web based). It really is a fantastic camera. The files are awesome and with that Zeiss 50mm, it’s insanely sharp! But, at the end of the day, I wasn't 100% sold. The refresh time in the viewfinder is really slow. It caused me to miss some pretty key shots because of the lag. Numerous times, I found myself wanting an OVF, so I wouldn't be missing these shots. That's one thing that I really like about traditional SLR and ranger finders, the real life visual. Non of that high-tech stuff. But, I understand the reason for an EVF in certain situations and I embrace it when need be. The price of the Sony lenses are pretty high too and now with the new G Master line-up, well, why not just buy a Leica kit? The list goes on and of course, this is simply my opinion and what I was looking for in a day-to-day camera for both pro and personal use. 

Now on to the X Pro2. After doing a ton of research on it and taking in to account my past experiences with an X100 and X20 snapshot, I deiced to purchase the X Pro2 out right without even renting or trying one. I couldn't have made a better decision. Along with the camera, I also went ahead and picked-up the new 35mm f/2 WR lens as well. The combo is mind blowing! 

The X Pro2 is equipped with an impressive 24.3 mp X-Trans CMOS III sensor and new X Processor Pro, which is responsible for pushing out gorgeous, info packed files. The files are absolutely beautiful, both RAW and JPEG. I find myself spending less time doing post work because of it. Raw files come in at a massive 50mb a file. So much info! You can also choose an option to have compressed Raw files as well if you don't want to take up a ton of storage space. I can't tell the difference in quality when comparing the two, but I still shoot uncompressed just in case. 

One thing that I was really worried about was going with a non full frame camera and that stellar image quality, especially in low light. However, the X Pro2 delivers and delivers quite well. It can definitely hold its ground against most FF DSLRs and the Sony a7ii. The a7s series is another story. Duh! Very rarely do I shoot or need to shoot over 6400 iso. That's about as high as the camera goes before it really does start to lose overall image quality. But again, that's at 6400 iso and above. 

Overall, the iQ system is unlike any other, and it will only continue to get better as FujiFilm pushes out new firmware updates over the coming months. 

Note* Rumor has it that the new processor can support 4k video, so that may or may not be an upcoming firmware update. My guess is that they'll wait until the new XT1 whatever comes out. 

The AF system is spot-on and pretty damn fast. DSLR fast in most cases, but doesn’t surpass. Again, this all depends on what you shoot. I absolutely love the new focal point joystick on the back. It's incredibly easy to choose your focusing point without have to fumble around; especially when on the bracketing focusing option. Also, with the increase in focal points 70+ (X Pro1) to now 270+ (X Pro2), your frame selection widens. 

As for the lenses, Fuji is on top both in quality and price. Period. They’re extremely sharp and with Fuji adding the WR option to their lineup, you can literally shoot in almost any weather condition and not be worried about damaging your gear. 

All-in-all, the X Pro2 has been a dream to shoot. Of course, it has its corks, but what camera doesn't? At the end of the day, it honestly comes down to what makes you happy and inspires you create and for me, that's the Fuji X Pro2. 

More thoughts and ramblings about all things this camera to come.